Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Terracide - Primordium EP

Apparently, America is doing its best to keep up with Europe in producing amazing metal acts, and to this I say right the fuck on, America. I say this because I have another up and coming metal act from here in the states that I’d like to review for you. Today’s tiny little slice of metal?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seas Will Rise / Abita Spring IPA

First, an apology - Corey of Seas Will Rise sent me the info for this album over a year ago during the site's inception, and in the haze of beer and pain pills post-surgery I completely forgot about that. I feel like a fucking asshole and bestow 666 pardons for my infraction. Okay, enough with the sentimental shit, better late than never…here's my review of Disease is Our Refrain.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nina Osegueda Interview

Okay, so in an awesome turn of events, today we have Mösh N' Höps' first artist interview. Today, because it's Monday and we know you need a reason to get up and get moving, Mosh interviews the amazing Nina Osegueda, from the awesomely metal A Sound of Thunder. Enjoy!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Clutch - Earth Rocker

Well, if ain’t a big ol’ howdy coming to ya from Texas, where everything is bigger...and there’s a lot of fucking dust. Seriously, I have more random bouts of coughing and choking than a tuberculosis patient at an all night comedy club (don’t ask, I just write this shit. You people read
it). Anyway, in a strange turn of events, March has apparently produced two of the best albums I’ve heard in a while, and I’ve already graced you with one (if you haven’t read my review of The Living Infinite, please send me a message with your name and full address, and we’ll discuss this later). And because today’s album has no frills or excess, I’m going to shut the hell up, and give you what you came for...METAL!

Clutch - Earth Rocker

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Living Infinite

Good morning, you die-hard legion of metal...-ites? Anyway, I come to you today with an amazing album. "But wait," you ask, "aren't all fo the albums you review great, oh mighty overlord Mosh?" This is true, however, some of the albums I have given you have been awesomely bad (okay, one of them was, and I'm still bitter about it), but this one is awesomely awesome. That's correct, it is an album so awesome that it requires making awesome an adverb to describe how awesome it is. And you know what you get when something is that awesome? You get the fucking metal, that is what you get. So, instead of just mentioning how awesome this as of yet unnamed album is, let me lead you to the review. Right this way, please.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

St. Sebastiaan / Sound of Thunder

Well, well, well...guess who’s back? I hope you all had a good--whatever you have been doing since the last time we met. If it wasn’t metal, it wasn’t worth talking about, now was it? I know it’s been a long (way, way too long) time since you’ve been blessed with a beer review, so consider this a belated “the world didn’t end according to Mayan” blah-blah-blah. Today I’ve got a nice little nugget o’metal for you and my first foray back into Hops’ realm in almost a year.  I would say that I hope this doesn’t disappoint, but it won’t. Because you love me. And you love what I have to say. It’s okay, I’ll excuse you for a moment while I get this together.

First...THE BEER!!

St. Sebastiaan Dark Ale 

Wow, this is one hell of a beer to welcome me back into the game. St. Sebastiaan is a Belgian Dubbel (fruity malt-y type) style beer. My first pour left me with half a cup of foam, and what felt like not a whole lot of substance. I gave it a few minutes to settle, and I found that the foam settled nicely and gave me the weight that I initially thought I would get.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top Metal and Beer of 2012

Mosh's Take

Hello again, my adoring fans.  I know it’s been a while.  Yes, I know I said I’d call, but things came up.  No, of course I still respect you, I just haven’t had the time to pick up the phone, which works both ways, you know.  Anyways, it’s time to wrap up another year, and musically it’s been rather lackluster.  There’s a tendency lately for all of the wrong types of metal to be gaining a popular buzz (I’m looking at you, In This Moment), and the atrocity that is dubstep seems to be infecting almost everything (I’m still glaring at you, In This Moment...such a disappointment), but amidst all of the crap that was vomited forth in music this year--metal and otherwise--there were still some really good releases, at least one of them dropped only a couple of weeks ago.

(Note: only one of these was actually reviewed, the rest of them are getting their first spotlight today.)